Online Marketing In Kisumu; SMEs Got A reason To Smile

If you are a local here, you already know that social media is getting more interesting by the day. Although the people of Kisumu City are known to be Facebook lovers, the use of other social media platforms especially Instagram and twitter is on the rise. Ever since online marketing in Kisumu got more recognition, businesses in the region have noticed a boost in their businesses. SME’s and other organizations have been slow to engage in serious online marketing. What they don’t understand is;



Tourists and travelers use go online to find what they need

Typically if you are new in a place, you don’t want going around asking everyone for direction or location you are trying to find. You never know who you are interacting with and that is where the internet comes in. Usually, if you are trying to find the best makeup artist you are most likely to start from Google. For your business to appear from the search results, you must implement SEO. Search Engine Optimization is an online marketing strategy that uses keywords to make your website relevant to what is being searched. In this case, the keywords can include, “the best makeup artist ion Kisumu”, “best makeup artist Kisumu” , “Best upcoming singer in Kisumu” etc.

With the increased use of smartphones in Kisumu, google search engines are busy sending crawlers all over the internet trying to locate optimized websites. The sad thing is, online marketing services in the lakeside city is expensive. The scarcity of these skills in the area has made it impossible for small businesses to understand that they can actually attract tourists and travelers to their business without any hustle.

The size of your enterprise does not matter

Many people in Kisumu have been tricked to believing that your need to own a big company to market online. The truth is, what matters is your capability to serve the market that you are about to access. Whether you are selling fresh fish at the lake or you operate down at Jua Kali, you deserve to have a good online presence. These include lodgings, night clubs and any other kind of business or vendor. If you are accessible through the search engine, get ready to increase traffic to your business because even local people go to Google search before getting out to the hot sun.

It not expensive at all

Since there are not established online marketing companies you must have been approached by an online marketer probably a professional. Since they mainly look search for long term online marketing contracts, they charge ridiculous rates blocking out certain kinds of businesses. Our company on the other hand have a pool of clients making it possible for us to offer favorable prices to set up a complete online package including a website. This month, Tuko254 are running an offer that will go for a month with an aim of introducing more SMEs in Kisumu to the biggest market in the world at only Ksh. 5,000/=