no long term online marketing services oin Kisumu
No long term contracts for your online marketing services

Many online marketing companies that you will come across will want to propose to you a partnership type of dealing. The problem with this is that you will have to pay a regular fee for services that you can pay for one time. That is one of the things that have hindered online marketing in Kisumu. To make it worse, some of the marketers charge highly and deliver poor results because of lack of competition in the industry. Most of the people requiring these services also are not ready to look for the best deal.


Our strategies allows us to offer lasting solutions allowing you to channel your focus on more important things. It is also good to know that with digital marketing, there are some times when no work needs to be done. When you work with long term contracts, you will end up spending so much. The same applies for employing an in house digital marketer. As much as they will be giving you a 100% focus on your organizational goals, you will find that they only get to work for a two weeks a month. Meanswhile, they will recieve their salary for the whole month and this in turn makes online marketing in Kisumu expensive for you.

At Tuko254, we take our time to analyze your needs and come up with a solution that will keep you going for not less than 3 months. However, that depends on the kind of service you need as administrative tasks require our full-time attention. What we want to prevent is the stress of having to put online marketing on your monthly budget while you can get competitive services for less. By complicating contracts online marketers have scared off many SMEs including botiques, salons, beauty palour phone repair shops and many more.