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The global pandemic has given the world a significnat blow today. It has affected many countries across the globe irrespective of its size, distance or resources. Moreover, it has affected all categories of people without choosing age, gender, size or color. The rate at which Coronavirus is spreading is fast, with records stating that it has superseded the rate of transmission of flu and common cold.

How deadly is it you may ask? Covid-19 is causing an increasing panic level with the dawn of each day. It has caused many more deaths, especially in a country like Italy that has recorded more than 5000 death cases out of the 59,138 persons that are infected as of 22nd March 2020. Chinese say that it is proving to be a threat of levels similar to the deadly MERS and SARS that are both respiratory tract infections causing deaths among people.

Corona in Kenya, Kisumu

Kenya is not an exception when it comes to the Covid-19 illness as there has been a total of 15 confirmed cases today (23rd March 2020). Kisumu specifically had its first speculation of an incident that turned out to be negative two days before the above mentioned date. However, the big question is, are these all the cases or is there something else that we have no idea about? Rumors has it that some of the infected people came into contact with several other people who are still unknown. If this is true, then there is a possibility that the Corona Virus is spreading, and is doing so fast without us even knowing it.

How is the disease spread?

Initially, we did not know how to differentiate myths and facts, what is true and what is not concerning Corona Virus. Even more devastating is the fact that we did not know how exactly it is spread. Research from different fronts and unknown sources revealed their findings on various aspects of the disease but contradicting studies have arisen. This has put many of us in a dilemma as to which sources to trust and which ones to ignore.

In cases like this, it is better to trust everything you are told as long as it is a safety precaution against the disease. This is because Covid-19 was once an epidemic but is now a pandemic that threatens the existence of the world. The facts known about Corona Virus include:

  • It is airborne and this is confirmed. It can stay in the air for approximately an hour before dropping to the ground.
  • It is highly contagious through contact and that is why social distancing is being effected.
  • It has a window period of 14 days before the symptoms start popping up.
  • Anyone can get it.
  • On surfaces such as skin, clothing and masks, wood, paper, glass & metal and plastics, its lifespan on these surfaces is 45 minutes, 12 hours, 4 days, 4-5 days, 5 days and 6-9 days respectively.
  • Not all people die from Corona.
  • No known cure has been found yet.  

The above information is the latest and most authentic news concerning Coronavirus today.

How Kisumu is equipped to deal with Coronavirus

Every state, metropolitan, city, county and area is stepping up by putting measures to curb the spread of Corona Virus. Kisumu City is not an exception. Some of the measures enforced in Kisumu town are:

  1. No public gathering: A public gathering consists of more than 5 people. Kisumu Governor Mr. Nyong’o has made it clear that no people are to meet for any event whatsoever irrespective of the type or nature of the event.
  2. Limit on movement: Although this has only been partially enforced, we are heading to a point whereby full enforcement will be deemed necessary to control the infection. However, most occupants of Kisumu residential apartments are using their discretion to avoid moving around much.
  3. Payment methods: Effected in Kenya, Kisumu is also advocating for online money payment methods such as Mpesa to avoid handling direct cash as this may be a way of spreading the virus.
  4. News: The Kisumu county government is creating awareness on the spread of the virus in order to keep their people informed concerning the same.   
  5. Supermarkets and Hotels: As of yesterday on the 22nd March of 2020, a notice was passed that hotels were only to remain open for take away services. Supermarkets, on the other hand, are to use the pay bill system and avoid using paper money and credit cards.
  6. Travel: The ban on international travel was effected not only in Kisumu town but also in Kenya as a whole.
  7. Medication: Hospitals such as the Agakhan Hospital and Russia are taking in people suspected to have the virus for testing and prescription.
  8. Funds: A hundred million has been set aside by the county government of Kisumu to make sure that it can combat Covid-19.

Verdict: Kisumu has not been left aside when it comes to joining hands in the fight against Coronavirus. The city understands that it takes a combined effort to beat the virus and this is the time when the whole world has to hold hands to fight Covid-19.

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