People of Kisumu have a reason to enjoy life after Overseas Goodies Kisumu (OGK) decided to introduce their cash on delivery service after receiving complaints from the public. That was mainly because, OGK was still new and people needed more time before fully trusting the service.


Other than introducing the cash on delivery policy, OGK has gone ahead to partner with other players in the retail industry of Kisumu to ensure that your orders are delivered to you within the shortest time. This is a great move that will see other online shops like Jumia face stiff competition.

Thanks to technology and the increased use of computers and smart devices in Kisumu, OGK has been a real problem solver in the online shop market in the Lakeside City of Kisumu. NO longer do you have to waste time and money making your way to the CBD for electronics or other items when you can simply make an order online and wait to pay on deliver.

One of the main reasons why people who wish to shop online in Kisumu are reluctant is because the only reliable online shops out there are working to serve the whole continent. This usually leads to generalization whereby the sellers assume that all shoppers are the same. With OGK however, the people of Kisumu have a reason to experience the best of everything since the service is currently established in Kisumu and slowly spreading to the rest of the country.

Other than selling your favorite Item online, OGK looks forward to dominate the digital space by providing affiliate marketing opportunities as a form of employment for Kisumu online marketing enthusiasts. Local producers and retailers also have a business opportunity with OGK whereby they can sign up as merchants and sell directly through the platform.

Now that you have a good reason to shop online in Kisumu, it is the best time to visit and place an order on the items of your choice. from gifts to home appliances and gym gear, all you need is now available at Overseas Goodies Kisumu

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