Pregnancy is an exciting experience for the expectant parents even though, there is one question crossing their minds, is it a boy or a girl? There is nothing that is challenging as being able to tell the gender of an unborn baby. Therefore, preparing for the coming baby is even harder because you don’t know who to expect. There are several signs that have been used to determine the sex of an unborn, passed down from generations across the world.


Baby boy

There is so much more to what we were taught in schools about pregnancy. Although in the first weeks one may not be able to know whether they are pregnant, being pregnant with a baby boy is never easy. At least 70% of women who carry baby boys fall sick from the third week of their pregnancy. During this period, most women encounter excess spiting. For some expectant mothers, it is not that much of a big deal, but there are some mothers that find it hard to talk due to excess saliva.


In such cases an expectant parent is advised to take lots of fluids to avoid constipation and being dehydrated. At three months, the pregnancy fever ends. By this time some women will forget about spitting but for some, the journey continues. At the fourth month, legs may start to swell although not painful. The swelling only reduces for a while but never ends meaning the swelling will be there throughout pregnancy. A baby boy bump normally occurs bigger on the sides of the mum’s belly.  For some women, the baby bump occurs sharp and bigger. As we all know, men are always masculine and this starts way earlier before they are even born. Their kicking is way stronger, tough and more frequent therefore the mother eats too much to recover energy.

is it a boy or a girl

Baby gal

You may experience a few pregnancy fever for the first few months though not for all mothers. Spiting is also minimal or absent entirely. Normally, carrying a baby girl does not have a lot of work, but that does not mean you shouldn’t take care of yourself. Baby girls’ bump mostly appears to be at the middle and no swelling of legs in the first trimester. The baby kicks normally but not with much force. The mother appears to be attracted to males compared to females.

Another sign that you might be expecting a baby girl is the hair becoming darker, thicker and shiny. Sugar cravings are also associated whereas salt cravings are a sign of expecting a boy. Usually, expectant mothers have mood swings. Mothers who are expecting girls will have less mood swings compared to ones expecting boys. It has also been realized that mothers carrying girls are choosy when it comes to food. That means, if the mother eats something that the baby does not want, they will vomit it out. It is therefore safe to say that girls are full of themselves even before they are born. Is it a boy or a girl? you might want to note the behavior of the boys and girls around you

Bottom line

Although scanning is the surest way of finding out the sex of an unborn child, some people don’t want to spoil the surprise. It is good to know that depending on the expectant mother, pregnancy signs are often shared and sometimes it can be hard to clearly determine is it a boy or a girl without scanning.

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