2019 Was a rough year for Kenyan writers who worked on foreign accounts like iWriter which had been the number one writing platform for many. Writers who have worked on iWriter and various accounts for many years were left stranded to wake up one morning to find their “offices closed”.


One of the main reasons that these foreign writing companies had was that there are illegal activities being conducted through the accounts. For someone who has been using a writing website for years, this does not make sense. What many Kenyan writers don’t understand is that they had become a target for hackers globally.

Hackers are smart

If you have worked on any writing platform then you are familiar with some clients who share strange links. In the case of iWriter, there were some clients who could share links to google documents which ended up being obsolete. As a writer, you are most likely to assume that the link is not working and carry on with your activities.

Such links are risky because they give hackers access to your account and they can even install programs that deduct money from any transaction associated with your account. Because many Kenyan writers are green when it comes to cyber security, hackers managed to make away with lots of money from these writing companies hence the abrupt closure.


Now that many Kenyans are locked out from directly working on some foreign platforms, it is about time that the local marketing companies took the initiative to employ local writers. It is a good thing that many companies are today realizing the importance of digital marketing and are willing to spend good money for the best services. People working online in Kenya should also take cyber security courses to protect themselves from hackers.


Alternatively, it is about time that Kenyan writing companies began to come up. For those who know, getting clients who can pay handsomely for articles is usually the problem but there are so many ways of finding them more so if there is a reliable company to handle the process. Note that foreign countries find it more convenient to outsource in Kenya because our education system is competitive and Kenyans are good in English plus are hard workers.

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